Sunday, November 10, 2013

A reply from a famous person

So, last year, I was still obsessed with the Hunger Games. I found it interesting that many of the tribute cast were stunt actors, one of which being Kara Petersen.

I remember reading in the Hunger Games Wiki that that the tribute played by Petersen had a name in the film, along with several other similar characters. I was curious to learn more about this tribute, as little was published about the character.

So far, my twitter hadn't been doing so hot. Every tweet so far went unanswered, I guess that's not a surprise, since most celebrities get hit with a thousand tweets a day. But decided, what the hell, it can't hurt, so I did it.

In a few days, I got a reply! I couldn't believe it. I got a response from someone famous. I suppose I bragged a bit on Facebook and Instagram, but I didn't care, this was the highlight of my year.