Friday, November 8, 2013

Tribute Much?

Since I saw The Hunger Games in 2012, I've been a fan of Suzanne Collins' hit franchise. After reading the book soon after, my interest deepened. I don't know what intrigues me more, teenagers fighting to the death or surviving a hostile environment. I know I'm not alone, but I sure get on the nerves on my mom and brother when I talk too much about it.

I suppose my interest comes from watching programs like Duel Survival and plenty of competition-themed movies and television. The part about the fighting probably is from watching my cousin play violent video games when I was younger.

Along with seemingly thousands of others, I write Hunger Games fan fiction. Originally, I was a bit naïve, wanting to get my work published as a short story or something along the lines of that. Everywhere I went, I was inspired. Camping with the Boy Scouts or when I was in Door County, Wisconsin. The untouched nature seemed to be the perfect place to have a bunch of kids kill each other, right?

Although I haven't worked on my fan fiction lately, I hope to finish it just for fun. I like to write and it would be fun just to see where this goes. Plus, I can't turn back now on all the work I've done already. Let the 63rd Hunger Games begin!