Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Incredible Avril Lavigne

Since the beginning, I've been a fan of Avril Lavigne. I remember on a five hour trip to my grandparent's house, "Complicated" was on the radio and I was instantly hooked. Of course, I was only six, and that sort of teen-pop is what spoke to me.

Years later, I kept confusing her music with that of Kelly Clarkson (don't ask me why). Because I am American and she is Canadian, only "My Happy Ending" made the radio from her sophomore album, Under My Skin.

2007 was a new year for me and a new one for her. She dyed her hair blond and I just stated middle school when her single "Girlfriend" hit the radio. At age eleven, I was hooked once more. I was always open about being in love with this stunning then 23-year-old. Maybe a little too open. My friends were often annoyed. Soon, her third album, The Best Damn Thing was released. I was a bit surprised how much language she used and how in-your-face the lyrics were, quite different from her last two records. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

By fall of 2008, I got my hands on her previous albums.  Let Go was mostly upbeat, showing her wild side. Under My Skin was a bit darker, appearing more mature. Tracks such as :Sk8er Boi," "My World," "Take Me Away" and "Nobody's Home" were soon amongst my favorites.

By 2011, after a four year hiatus, my love for Avril had decreased. She was still one of my favorite artists, but seemed to have disappeared off of the face of the earth. I got a surprise in the winter when I saw her video for "What the Hell" on television. This added more kindle to the fire. It wasn't until I heard "Smile" for the first time that I fell for her again. The chorus was so powerful and the music video was impressive.

2013 came along. Early summer, "Here's to Never Growing Up" was advertised all over YouTube. At first, my view on the song was mixed, however, it took little time to become my favorite of the summer. As well as obtaining her second single, "Rock n Roll," I got my hands on her B-Side recordings that never made her albums. "Get Over It" and "I Will Be" (yeah, she had her own recording before signing it over to Leona Lewis) I still enjoy now. After I started my senior year, "Let Me Go," featuring her newly married husband made its debut. Like Smile, I was hooked on the first listen. Her fifth, self-titled, album was released in November of 2013. I guess being 29 and looking like you're still 23 make sense since her new theme is "never growing up."