Friday, November 15, 2013

Why I Hate iCarly

The episode "iLost My Mind" from the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly is truly idiotic and offensive.

The plot of the episode revolves around character Samantha Puckett who admits herself to a psychiatric hospital because she has feelings for the technical producer of her web series. Not because he's a forty-six- year-old man or a convicted murderer -- He's just a nerd.

It is preposterous to seek psychiatric help for this reason, let alone being admitted. When Samantha's co-host learns of this, she recruits a few pals and goes to the hospital to rescue her confused friend.

When the group gets there, the patients are depicted as dirty, crazy and over the top obnoxious, which is far from what actual psychiatric patients look like. It is a shame how iCarly's writers are misinforming their young viewers with an inaccurate portrayal of the mentally ill.