Sunday, November 10, 2013

My English teacher got arrested...

My senior year, nine staff members at my school were replaced. I ended up having only one of them, an English teacher I'll call Mr. Smith. Second hour, I walked into class seeing a man in his mid thirties, wearing hipster glasses, his dark hair slicked back. Tattoos were visible on his arm.

For my class, journalistic writing, this rebellious appearing but interesting man had us do a series of projects such as an article derived from Louie Psihoyos' film, The Cove. Although he was absent for days at a time, we sure had some interesting lesson plans. One day, we were instructed to write a review of the movie Kill Bill: Volume One. We also watched the iconic horror, The Birds (although we never got to finish it).

It was one Monday morning, last week, when he was gone again. Our substitute, a former teacher at the high school brought his own video this time, the special effects of Forrest Gump. I finally got to see how they made Lieutenant Dan's legs disappear.

That night, I saw a peculiar post on Facebook from a classmate. It stated that Mr. Smith was caught stealing from the school, growing weed and had a disorderly conduct charge. I once had a teacher that looked like a supermodel but loved fishing, but that still wasn't as rare as having your own teacher arrested. 

In the news today, I found out that he is accused of stealing lab equipment, three laptops and growing 66 marijuana plants. This is the fifth English teacher I've had that either lost their job or resigned since I began my high school career.


Mr. Smith was fired alongside two other school district employees for the involvement of stealing lab equipment. Several months later, He was arrested for stealing a computer monitor from a local hospital.